Day 1, Monday April the 28th

time program
8:30 Registration, Pinni A Building, Paavo Koli Hall
9:00 Welcoming words (Frans Mäyrä)

  • Commentator statement by Jesper Juul: Game Studies after the Box Model
9:30 – 11 Session 1: History of Game Studies

  • Jaakko Suominen, How to Represent The History of Digital Games
  • Ashley Brown & J.Tuomas Harviainen, The Puberty of Games Studies: What Studies of Sexuality in Games Tell Us about The Growth of The Field
  • Jaakko Stenros, The Game Definition Game: A Review of the Meanings of “Game”
11:30 – 13 Session 2: Play Studies

  • Casey O’Donnell, On Balinese Cockfights: Deeply Extending Play
  • Sébastien Genvo, Toward a Constructivist Ludology: A Link between Play and Studies
  • Vincent Berry & Samuel Coavoux, Competing Models of Cultural Consumption for “Play Studies”: Video Games through the Lens of The Sociology of Culture
13 – 14 lunch
14 – 15:30 Session 3: Interdisciplinary Game Studies

  • Sebastian Deterding, The Expectable Rise, Pyrrhic Victory, and Designerly Future of Game Studies as an Interdiscipline
  • William Huber, Game Studies in the Humanities: A Diagnosis
  • Samuel Coavoux, Vinciane Zabban and Manuel Boutet, Beyond WoW Studies. A Scientometric Approach to Game Studies through Video Game Genres
16 – 17 Keynote: Espen Aarseth, A World Without Ludology
(Location change: Pinni B Building, Lecture Hall B1096)
17 – Social program

Day 2, Tuesday April 29th

time program
9:00 Registration: Pinni A Building, Paavo Koli Hall
9:30 Bart Simon, Unserious: Game Studies’ Failed Promise and the Rise of the Maker-Critic
10 – 12 Session 4: Rules/Formal

  • Ivan Mosca,What is it like to be a player? Against rule reductionism
  • Riccardo Fassone, Authority and The Machine. Thoughts on The Role of The Player in A Proceduralist Reading of Gameplay
  • Petri Lankoski & Staffan Björk, Formal Analysis of Gameplay
12 – 13 lunch
13 – 14:30 Session 5: Audience & Aesthetic

  • Toby Smethurst, Playing with Trauma and the Trauma of Play
  • Diane Carr, Ability in Digital Games
  • Rory Summerley, What Motivates the Spectatorship of Play?
14:30 – 15 break
15 – 16:30 Session 6: Impact of Games

  • Patrick Prax & Juho Karvinen, Lifting the Eyes from the Individual: Problematic Gaming in Social Context
  • Pascaline Lorentz, Social Contributions of Video Gaming for Gamers’ Social Life
  • Sara Mosberg Iversen, Ageing Adults and Digital Games: The State of Research

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