Social program

There are few social program items in the seminar:

Sunday, 27 April: Plevna get-together

There are some tables reserved (with the name “Gamelab/Mäyrä”) in the microbrewery-restarurant Plevna for those who have arrived during the weekend and want to have a drink and meet the seminar participants beforehand. Plevna is located in the Finlayson area, and you can find their beer list and menu from here. The reservations are booked to start at 6 pm.

Monday, 28 April: SIS/Gamelab get-together

After the keynote lecture, between 5 pm and 7 pm, you might want to have a dinner in the city. There is a possibility to hang out, discuss and play in the Oasis, which is close to the keynote lecture room and the Minerva restaurant. The MurMur chairs will also be there.

Starting from 7 pm we will move one floor down to the SIS living room. There will be light snacks and drinks provided. Please follow the signs and instructions provided in the seminar. You can also ask for directions from the organizers.

Tuesday, 29 April: optional sauna trip

For those who would like to enjoy an authentic Finnish sauna after the seminar, we recommend a trip to Kaupinojan Sauna, which is run by Tampereen Talviuimarit (Tampere Winter Swimmers). You can find the prices and e.g. the ABC of winterswimming from their pages here. There will be local guides available in Tuesday, providing instructions on how we can get to Kauppi, where the sauna is located.


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